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ASP.NET Bar Chart Graph

Article by: Chris Goldfarb (4/8/2003)
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Summary: Complete source code to generate a horizontal bar chart graph in ASP.NET
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ASP.NET Bar Chart Graph

Online Demo

This script generates a series of horizontal bars in graph chart format, on an .aspx web page.

To run the graph script is very simple. First save the following code into a file called dotnetgraph.ascx

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Then save the following in the same directory to a file called dotnetgraph.aspx

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Within this aspx page you will see we set all the quantities and labels for the graph within the Page_Load function.

There is obviously plenty of scope for development in this section - for example, pulling these values directly from a database. But hopefully the elegant simplicity of these files will be a useful introduction to the concepts involved.

Added by the author

I was still a little new to .NET when I wrote this article two years ago , so there are a couple things I'd change if implementing now: 1. Use StringBuilder instead for the RenderItem method:
private String RenderItem (Int32 iVal, Int32 iMod, String sColor) {
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
sb.Append("<table border=0 bgcolor=" + sColor + " cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0><tr>");
sb.Append("<td align=center width=" + (iVal * iMod) + " nobr nowrap>");
sb.Append("<b>" + iVal + "</b>");
return sb.ToString();

StringBuilder is orders of magnitude faster than manipulating strings directly (strings are immutable).

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User Comments on 'ASP.NET Bar Chart Graph'
Posted by :  Archive Import (Jeremy Leppan) at 07:36 on Friday, September 05, 2003
Here however is something you could tweak

sql = "select count(login_id) as total_logins , user_name from valid_logins where ip_address <> '' and datediff('d',date_time,now()) < datepart('d',now()) + 1 group by user_name order by count(login_id) DESC ",dbconn)

while not rs.eof
redim preserve sItems(x_count)
redim preserve iValue(x_count)
sItems(x_count) = rs("user_name").value
iValue(x_count) = rs("total_logins").value
x_count = x_count + 1
end while
Posted by :  Archive Import (jeremy leppan) at 07:39 on Friday, September 05, 2003
Explaination of the above

You see the select - it select the total amount each user has logged into my system. But it does a little more than that.

It filters out the local address I use for testing. This could be replaced with a range if you like.

Then the date_diff thing. Its just a nice way to get all entries for this month.

You can not just to a datediff - 1 month. Cauase that would give you traffic for the last 30 days. You want traffic from the beginning of the month.

The group by, this is the part, that groups the logins to users.

then the loop.

Nothing fancy - just builds the instuctions for the graph
Posted by :  Archive Import (Yvonne) at 07:04 on Wednesday, September 17, 2003
how come we cant manage to run the bar chart even though we have implemented all the codings as accordingly??
Posted by :  Archive Import (TP) at 03:13 on Thursday, September 18, 2003
Is the code u provided above must be run in C# program? because we are using Visual Studio.Net - ASP.Net. However, the graph won't come out. can u send us the code for ASP.Net using vb language instead of c#.
Posted by :  csandvig at 12:24 on Friday, October 17, 2003
Excellent example - simple and it works! Thank you.
Posted by :  cüneyt at 19:38 on Saturday, February 28, 2004
Great, it works fine with static values.

I am trying to get the data from a database(MSDE), and
count the number of items and pass the result to iValue. I am using c#.

I have tried to use:
iValue = select count(BedID) from Wards;

but this returns a string not an Int32.

Please help?


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