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ASP Format Date and Time Script

Article by:  Jeff Anderson  ( 1362 ) (2/27/2002)
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Summary: An ASP script showing the variety of date and time formats possible using the FormatDateTime Function.
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ASP has a very handy inbuild function called FormatDateTime().

Let's start with the now() function to get the current date and time into a variable

dim todaysDate

Now we can use the FormatDateTime function to format our date variable in a variety of ways.

First let's see how todaysDate appears :

Response.write todaysDate

RESULT: 2/6/2015 2:09:13 AM

Using 0 - the vbGeneralDate format creates a date as short date (if included), and time as long time.

Response.write FormatDateTime(todaysDate,0)


RESULT: 2/6/2015 2:09:13 AM

Using 1 - the vbLongDate shows the date as long date

Response.write FormatDateTime(todaysDate,1)


RESULT: Friday, February 06, 2015

Using 2 - the vbShortDate shows the date as short date

Response.write FormatDateTime(todaysDate,2)


RESULT: 2/6/2015

Using 3 - the vbLongTime format shows the time as long time .

Response.write FormatDateTime(todaysDate,3)


RESULT: 2:09:13 AM

Using 4 - the vbShortTime format creates the current time in 24 format (hh:mm)

Response.write FormatDateTime(todaysDate,4)


RESULT: 02:09

International Date and Time

You can use the session.lcid property to change the formatting of the date and time.

For example
will set the date and time to UK format (DD/MM/YYYY instead of MM/DD/YYYY ) Here's a list of international locales. Bear in mind that setting these will also change currency formatting.

Locale ID (LCID) Description
1033 General Unicode
33280 Binary Order
1027 Catalan
197636 Chinese Bopomofo (Taiwan)
2052 Chinese Punctuation
133124 Chinese Stroke Count
1028 Chinese Stroke Count (Taiwan)
1050 Croatian
1029 Czech
1043 Dutch
1061 Estonian
1036 French
66615 Georgian Modern
1031 German
66567 German Phone Book
1038 Hungarian
66574 Hungarian Technical
1039 Icelandic
1040 Italian
1041 Japanese
66577 Japanese Unicode
1042 Korean
66578 Korean Unicode
1062 Latvian
1063 Lithuanian
1071 FYRO Macedonian
1044 Norwegian/Danish
1045 Polish
1046 Portuguese
1048 Romanian
1051 Slovak
1060 Slovenian
1034 Spanish (Traditional)
3082 Spanish (Spain)
1053 Swedish/Finnish
1054 Thai
2057 UK English
1058 Ukrainian
1066 Vietnamese

Adding and Subtracting Dates and Times

For more information about adding and subtracting dates and times, see our ASP DateAdd article.

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