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Javascript Scripted Password Entry Login

Article by: Drew Bowman (1/6/2003)
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Summary: Create a password protected page using this neat javascript prompt.
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Javascript Scripted Password Entry Login

Live Demo

This javascript provides a way for internet users to login to a "secure page". This is achieved by sending a user to a filename based upon their username and password. If an incorrect username or password is entered the page is not loaded that sends the user to the "secure page".
  • This is the code that should be placed on the initial webpage that you would like your users to login from:
Code of User-File
  • This file should be duplicated for every new user that you "add" to your acceptance list. Save this file using the format USERNAME~PASSWORD.htm Please note that if a value is set for the variable userFolder in the previous file these files must be saved in that relative directory.

Developer Notes
  • Variables userFolder - This variable specifies if the user-file is located in another directory other than the same directory as the login page. This should be relative (e.g. "users/" instead of "" ).
      HTMLextention - This specifies what extention the user-file (e.g. bob~1234.htm) uses. This should be ".htm" or ".html"
      inProgressMSG - This is the text that is shown when a user hits the "Login" button
      userFailMSG - This is the text that is shown when a user has entered an invalid username/password or the login script has timed out (default: 15 seconds)
      membersPage - Located in the user-file, this variable must be set to the URL of your "members page"
    Filenames To add users you must copy the user-file and rename it. The filename takes this form: username~password.ext, so to add user "John" with password "1234" you need to create the file john~1234.htm . Please note that if your server is case sensitive the user login page will be as well.

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