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Complete Javascript Articles List

Javascript Get Selected Text
by Jeff Anderson (9/1/2006)
A cross-browser script to get text selected by the user

Javascript OnMouseDown
by Jeff Anderson (9/1/2006)
The javascript event handler that is called when you click the mouse button.

Multiple submit buttons with form validation
by Paul Eckert (8/30/2005)
This code shows how to redirect a user to multiple sites, depending on which submit button he presses, but only after the form validates correctly.

a javascript calculator
by aman_cingh (5/2/2005)
calculator which performs simple calculations

Javascript Growing Window
by farnoosh (12/11/2003)
this is a neat pop up windows which glows from the center after clicking on a link and really catches the eyes of the visitors.

A Simple Form Validation Script
by Syed Zulfi (5/19/2003)
A Simple Javascript function which validates the data in the html forms.

Adding a 'view source' line in javascript
by Jeff Anderson (3/23/2003)

Reading Text Files on the Client Side with Active X and Javascript
by Premshree Pillai. (2/10/2003)
This article shows you how to read a text file from a client side active X object.

Javascript Onload Event
by Jeff Anderson (1/22/2003)
Sometimes you need to perform an action immediatley after the page has loaded. That's when the onLoad Event Handler comes in handy

Javascript Scripted Password Entry Login
by Drew Bowman (1/6/2003)
Create a password protected page using this neat javascript prompt.

Javascript Tic Tac Toe
by Premshree Pillai (10/10/2002)
Play against the computer and learn a crafty bit of Javascript with this simple game.

Swear Word Filter
by Premshree Pillai (8/16/2002)
This JavaScript is a "Word Filter". It is a type of form validator. When the user submits some text, the validator will check the text for words that has to be filtered.

Javascript Unique Random Number Generator
by Premshree Pillai (8/6/2002)
This JavaScript picks up a number of unique random elements from an array.

Displaying a Countdown using Javascript
by (6/25/2002)
Using graphics and javascript to countdown from 5 to 1

Multiple submit buttons on a single form
by Kiran Pai (6/25/2002)
This script shows you how to submit the contents of a form to different programs depending on which Submit button you press. Additionally it also shows how to call two different functions when you press the Submit button.

A Single click for checking-unchecking multiple check boxes
by Kiran Pai (6/3/2002)
This script allows the user to check all the checkboxes in a form at once.

Interactive Conditional Menus
by Jeff Anderson (5/3/2002)
Interactive, conditional Javascript menus. The user makes choices in one select menu which then populates the choices in the second menu.

Javascript Multiple Rollovers From One Link
by Jeff Anderson (4/10/2002)
Make any number of images rollover from a single link with this simple addition to the standard rollover script. Known in the trade as Disjointed Rollovers.

Displaying the Date in the Status Bar
by Jeff Anderson (3/31/2002)
A script to display today's date in the status bar of the browser

Javascript onUnload Event Handler
by Jeff Anderson (3/30/2002)
The onUnload Event Handler allows you to perform an action as the user leaves the page.

Javascript onLoad Event Handler
by Jeff Anderson (3/30/2002)
Sometimes you need to perform an action immediatley after the page has loaded. That's when the onLoad Event Handler comes in handy.

Making a Link out of a Standard Button
by Jeff Anderson (3/30/2002)
You may have wondered how to make a standard browser button such as the 'Submit' button into a link. Here we show you how.

Confirming a Delete using Javascript Confirm
by Jeff Anderson (3/29/2002)
If you have a page which deletes records from a database, or indeed have any kind of link that you want the user to be doubly certain that they 'mean what they click', using the Javascript confirm event handler is a simple and effective way to get the job done.

Changing the background color onMouseOver
by Jeff Anderson (3/29/2002)
This rather neat trick lets you change the background color when the user hovers over a link - certainly grabs the attention!

Displaying Text in the Status Bar
by Jeff Anderson (3/29/2002)
The status bar is the space immediately below the browser display and you can configure it to display text when you hover over a link

Using Javascript to Pre-load Images
by Jeff Anderson (3/24/2002)
Using Javascript to Pre-load Images doesn't speed up the load time of the page of course, but it can mean avoiding the ugly site of your page before it's fully dressed and ready to present itself to the world.

Image Rollovers
by Jeff Anderson (3/23/2002)
A bit of javascript code to swap two different images on the page. You often see this on sites to display a rollover on the navigation buttons

Javascript Pop Up Window
by Jeff Anderson (3/14/2002)
Create a customisable pop up window when a user clicks the link.

Javascript - Enable and Disable form elements
by Jeff Anderson (3/6/2002)
This is a relatively little known and under-used feature of javascript which can be very useful in guiding a user through a form. Using the disabled tag, you can switch on and off elements in a form.

JavaScript Field Is Empty Form Validation
by Jeff Anderson (2/26/2002)
This javascript function allows you to check whether a form field has been completed or not.

Check Email Validation Function
by Jeff Anderson (2/26/2002)
A javascript validation function to check whether the user has entered a valid email address in a form.

Form Validation Function
by Jeff Anderson (2/26/2002)
A javascript validation function that you can use to validate all types of forms.

Check IsNumeric Function
by Jeff Anderson (2/26/2002)
A javascript validation function to check whether the details entered by a user are numeric.

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