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    20 Most Recent Topics Author
 3 Aug   Drop-down list from text file
I need to make script that creates drop-down ...
 lantamer (1)
in Javascript Forum
 2 Aug   Sending an Array as Parameter
I am trying to send an array as UrlEncode, Is...
 kamsky (1)
in ASP.Net Forum
 28 Jul   log in function
is there a way making an HTML or a javascript...
 MYKE (1)
in Javascript Forum
 28 Jul   log in function
is there a way making an HTML or a javascript...
 MYKE (1)
in Javascript Forum
 28 Jul   Process in BackGround
Hi All, How i make a process in background u...
 lecolecosa (1)
in Javascript Forum
 27 Jul   splitting a string
i want to split a string using commas, but th...
 venq (2)
in Perl Forum
 27 Jul   Darken Fonts after Select List Fields on a Form have been Disabled
I'm curious too see if there is a way to ...
 FDC249 (1)
in Javascript Forum
 26 Jul   Tree View
Hi, I am in the need of tree control which i ...
 wowrang (3)
in ASP Forum
 26 Jul   Pointer required for CORBA IIOP communication module
Hi anyone can point me the proper module, whi...
 vissurao (1)
in Perl Forum
 26 Jul   problems with onload
im executing the following code as an externa...
 Matt1776 (1)
in Javascript Forum
 26 Jul   onunload
hi, iam new to this trying to cr...
 cherosh (3)
in Javascript Forum
 26 Jul   In jsp
i am having 5 fields in an jsp that is Vehicl...
 spgkutty (1)
in Java Forum
 24 Jul   Help me
I need many menu templates to choose from. an...
 catherinel_jing (2)
in DHTML Forum
 23 Jul   Display full name
Hi, my name is Andy, this is my first time po...
 awa (1)
in HTML Forum
 23 Jul   Setting up an internet connection - URGENT
Is it possible to create an internet connecti...
 darcey_123 (1)
in C++ Forum
 22 Jul   Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at
Ok everyone, first time PERL scripter here, a...
 adept (1)
in Perl Forum
 19 Jul   Ajax example: online chat
This is an exmaple for ajax online chat:
 jasonwang (1)
in Javascript Forum
 18 Jul   ISP says linefeeds are causing problems
I have some PERL scripts that used to work fi...
 travistee (3)
in Perl Forum
 17 Jul   Linker Error Unresolved External Borland Builder 2006
I get this Linker Errors while compiling my p...
 yOtA (1)
in C++ Forum
 17 Jul   Have multiple ASP.NET web projects share pages and controls
Hi, I have an existing ASP.NET/C# web applic...
 MrCeri (1)
in ASP.Net Forum

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