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  Cut Line: Lowcountry Lowdown  yayade74 at 07:22 on Friday, June 08, 2012

Cut Line: Lowcountry Lowdown

The buzz on the Harbour Town practice tee this week was a trifecta of hot-button topics, from the proposed Nationwide Tour/Q-School makeover and the future of the Heritage to a rash or maybe it should be dubbed rush of long-putter converts Cut Line offers a Lowcountry lowdown.Made CutKen Green. The amputee figures hes a 3 or 4 handicap these days, but the emotional leaderboard doesnt give strokes. A year after becoming the first amputee to play a major tour, Green is back on the tee sheet for this weeks Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf event in Savannah, Ga.Green who lost his right leg, brother, girlfriend and dog in a June 2009 recreational vehicle accident finished 26th out of 33 teams at last years Legends. [url=]burner 2.0 fers[/url] Paired this week with Mark Calcavecchia hed like to better that mark, but it doesnt seem likely.Taking a step back, its awful. Being worse than a year ago is not easy to take. It doesnt make a whole lot of sense to say Im worse a year later. I never would have foreseen that, Green told Golfweek magazine.Another 26th-place finish would be a competitive victory. Just having the 51-year-old in the field is an emotional walk-over.Made Cut-Did Not Finish (MDF)Long putters. [url=]taylormade burner fers[/url] Maybe it was Adam Scott at the Masters, or Brendan Steele last week in Texas. Whatever the tonic, long is no longer wrong on the PGA Tour.On Wednesday at Harbour Town there were no fewer than a dozen players experimenting with long putters, including the likes of Ernie Els and Camilo Villegas. Whatever stigma that may have been attached to long putters is fading with every victory.Im tired of getting beat every week by a guy using one of these things, said one top-50 player on the Harbour Town putting green on Wednesday.With comments like that, why do we get the feeling theres a U.S. Golf Association official plowing through the "implements section of the Rules of Golf right now?Nationwide Tour/Q-School proposal. [url=]Burner 2.0[/url] For more than 2 ½ hours on Wednesday players asked, officials answered and a proposal inched its way toward reality. If the time and tenor of this weeks Players Advisory Council meeting is any indication there are still plenty of questions to be answered in regard to the proposal to make the secondary circuit the primary avenue to a PGA Tour card. But its not the proposal that concerns so much as it is the process.Both Paul Goydos, one of four player directors on the Policy Board that will ultimately vote on the new plan, and Jim Furyk [url=]taylormade burner 2.0 fers[/url] a PAC member, former player director and, by his own admission, one of the more critical voices in the room on Wednesday dismissed initial questions about the proposal. Im probably not the right guy to ask, said Goydos. Furyk had a similar take. Both players are on the second nine of their careers and Goydos conceded he would not play the Nationwide Tour again if it came to that, yet they will help chart the Tours future on this topic.Neither Furyk, who is exempt on Tour through his 45th birthday, nor Goydos will ever be impacted by the new rule. Ditto for the four player directors, whose average age is 43. So the question is, who is the right guy to ask?Dustin Johnson/Bobby Brown split. Player-caddie break-ups are rarely enjoyable, particularly for such a high-profile pairing, but they are largely inevitable.

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