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  reading margins at run-time -- HELP!!!!!  shoq at 23:23 on Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I am trying to set a table cell height by setting a div inside it.

Thus, I want to set the div height to the overall height I desire the cell to be.

Alas, browsers include padding and borders in the offsetHeight property,but NOT margins. I need to get that to calculate properly.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to read the value in any possible combination. (I can get borders and padding by subtracting style.height from offsetheight)

I have tried style.marginLeft, and all permutations. I am searched the web can cannot find any reference to reading this attribute.

But surely it must be attainable. Can anyone solve this?

You would think it would simply be

val = parseInt(,10);

but it's not.

(The parseInt() func just strips the px text from the value. eg. "100px"

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