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DHTML Link Hint Scroller 2.0

Article by: Premshree Pillai (8/28/2002)
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Summary: Scrolls a text hint (or alt text) when the user hovers over a link.
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DHTML Link Hint Scroller 2.0

When you move your mouse over the above link a hint or something about the link will appear below the link in a scrolling fashion. When you move your mouseout the scrolling will stop.

There are a few variables you can change:

scroll_height : Scroll height variable (150 here)

time_length : Speed of scroll (50 here, meaning after 50 milliseconds the hint will change position by 1 pixel i.e a speed of 20 pixels/second)

begin_pos : Beginning position of hint (20 here)

To use this Javascript, firstly you must copy the script and place it in the head section.

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Now place the following within the body of the page:

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User Comments on 'DHTML Link Hint Scroller 2.0 '
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