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Complete Articles List

Decode and Encode UTF-8
by Hans Kalle (9/2/2006)
When reading and writing xml-files like rss-feeds, one needs to convert data from the Windows character set to UTF-8. This script is all you need.

ASP GetTempName
by Jeff Anderson (9/2/2006)
Use the GetTempName method to create a randomly generated temporary file on the server.

ASP GetFile
by Jeff Anderson (9/2/2006)
An introduction to the GetFile Method of the FileSystemObject

ASP FolderExists
by Jeff Anderson (9/2/2006)
An introduction to the FolderExistsMethod of the FileSystemObject

ASP OpenTextFile
by Jeff Anderson (9/2/2006)
An introduction to the OpenTextFile Method of the FileSystemObject

ASP FileExists
by Jeff Anderson (9/2/2006)
An introduction to the FileExistsMethod of the FileSystemObject

ASP FilesystemObject
by Jeff Anderson (9/2/2006)
An introduction to the Filesystemobject

ASP CreateTextFile
by Jeff Anderson (9/2/2006)
An explanation of the CreateTextFile Method, part of the ASP FileSystemObject

ASP CreateFolder
by Jeff Anderson (9/2/2006)
Using the CreateFolder method of the filesystemobject to create a folder on the server

Javascript Get Selected Text
by Jeff Anderson (9/1/2006)
A cross-browser script to get text selected by the user

Javascript OnMouseDown
by Jeff Anderson (9/1/2006)
The javascript event handler that is called when you click the mouse button.

ImageThumbnail.js: A Javascript Library based on prototype.j
by Masato Bito (8/4/2006)
The conventional way of uploading images on the Web― by selecting file names― is inconvenient. You have to retain from memory what is kept under each file. However, thumbnail image of the file being uploaded can be previewed on the browser when using the library introduced on this site.

Pointer types and Arrays
by Ted Jensen (3/3/2006)
One of those things beginners in C find difficult is the concept of pointers. The purpose of this tutorial is to provide an introduction to pointers and their use to these beginners.

Digit to Words
by daBug (3/3/2006)
just a simple algorith on how to read numbers and say it in words

What is a pointer in C?
by Ted Jensen (3/2/2006)
One of those things beginners in C find difficult is the concept of pointers. The purpose of this tutorial is to provide an introduction to pointers and their use to these beginners.

Multiple submit buttons with form validation
by Paul Eckert (8/30/2005)
This code shows how to redirect a user to multiple sites, depending on which submit button he presses, but only after the form validates correctly.

Understanding Hibernate ORM for Java/J2EE
by Saritha.S.V (6/29/2005)
Hibernate is the most popular and most complete open source object/relational mapping solution for Java environments.Hibernate's goal is to relieve the developer from 95 percent of common data persistence related programming tasks.

HTTP screen-scraping and caching
by Troy Wolf (5/31/2005)
An ASP class that makes it easy to leverage data from web pages that may be your own or pages from other websites. The class has methods that make it easy to pull entire pages, specific sections of content, tables of data, or even just a specific image from third-party websites.

a javascript calculator
by aman_cingh (5/2/2005)
calculator which performs simple calculations

A simple way to JTable
by Kanad Deshpande (4/26/2005)
Many face trouble while dealing with JTable. Here is simplest way to handle JTable.

Java Native Interface (JNI)
by Kanad Deshpande (4/15/2005)
Java Native Interface (JNI) is one of the intersting interface by java By using Java Native Interface (JNI) you can operate with other applications and libraries.

Parsing Dynamic Layouts
by Imran Salahuddin Khan (1/17/2005)
A way for keeping static and dynamic contents separate and to parse the dynamic contents for the variables inside the layout string.

by Abhijeet Kaulgud (1/14/2005)
MagicGrid is an all-in-one grid for ASP programmers. It is a 3 Level Hierarchial Grid. You can Add, Edit, Delete Items under all the three levels. You can also cut-copy-paste Items from one level to other, It happens just by drag & drop!

Caching With ASP.Net
by Imran Salahuddin Khan (1/11/2005)
How to Cache pages, parts of pages and data in ASP.Net.

Creating CSS Buttons
by Thomas D. Greer (12/7/2004)
With Cascading Style Sheets, you can turn ordinary hyperlinks into fully functional "buttons", without using JavaScript.

Communicating with the Database (Using ADO)
by Chaudhary Pradeep K. Roy (9/29/2004)
Using ADO to get connected with the database.

Simple Thumbnail Browsing Solution
by Troy Wolf (7/16/2004)
This simple script allows the user to select from several thumbnail images and view the larger image, using a mixture of DHTML and Cascading style sheets.

Type Anywhere
by Sumit Pranav (5/25/2004)
Type anywhere is a magical notepad with which you can type anywhere,on the desktop, on any file or program open. It gives you facility to make its window transclusent, save the file and change fonts etc. With this You can work on two windows simultaniously.

A Better Moustrap: FmtDate to replace FormatDateTime
by Jeremy M (5/15/2004)
An example of a simple-to-use replacement for the visual basic script function FormatDateTime.

ASP.NET Forum Source Code
by ITCN (3/1/2004)
Complete open source website Forum and Discussion Board programmed in Microsoft dot Net 1.1 Framework with Visual Basic.

Internal Search Engine
by Stevan Rodrigues (2/4/2004)
The Search Engine module will search an entire page also dynamic pages for matching keyword(s) or a phrase and will count how many times the keyword(s) or phrase are found on the page, and display the results with the highest matches first. The module will search all files with the extensions that you can easily place the extension name into the web.config file where indicated. Files or folders that you don't want searched can be placed in the web.config where indicated, so these files and folders are not searched.

Javascript Growing Window
by farnoosh (12/11/2003)
this is a neat pop up windows which glows from the center after clicking on a link and really catches the eyes of the visitors.

Simple date validation
by Chris Hogben (11/26/2003)
function that takes a date in three parts, day, month and year - returns true if it's a valid date.

Search engine friendly URLs using ASP.NET (C#.NET)
by Maziar Aflatoun (11/4/2003)
This article describes how one would create a search engine friendly ASP.NET (C# .NET) web site.

Function to Return Alpha Characters Only
by Rodney (10/28/2003)
These two functions combine to return only the A-Z,a - z and spaces in a given string.

The OSI Reference Model - A Clear and Concise Illustration !
by James Opiko (10/14/2003)
The OSI Reference Model - A Resource For IT Certification Candidates & Networking Professionals

Application & Session Events in the Global.asax File
by Jeff Anderson (9/24/2003)
An introduction to the global.asax file and the application and sesion events that found there.

Socket Programming in Perl
by Premshree Pillai (9/22/2003)
This is the Perl implementation of converting an Infix expression to Postfix and vice-versa.

Perl Infix~Postfix
by Premshree Pillai (9/22/2003)
This is the Perl implementation of converting an Infix expression to Postfix and vice-versa.

Perl Tic Tac Toe
by Premshree Pillai (9/22/2003)
The classic Tic Tac Toe game written in Perl!

C++ Join and Split functions
by Philipos Sakellaropoulos (9/19/2003)
VB6 has two very useful string functions: Join and Split. This code implements Join and Split functions using STL so that you can use them in your C++ programs

Visual C++PSDialogAddin
by Philipos Sakellaropoulos (9/19/2003)
This complete VB program helps you organize your MP3 files stored in CD-ROM disks or hard-disk folders.

MP3 Organizer
by Philipos Sakellaropoulos (9/19/2003)
This complete VB program helps you organize your MP3 files stored in CD-ROM disks or hard-disk folders.

Multiple File Upload in ASP.Net
by Pratik Desai (8/29/2003)
In this article we will upload multiple files using the HtmlInputFileControl and Files property of the Request object that return a reference to HtmlFileCollection which holds collection of HttpPostedFile objects

Unique Random Numbers
by Stanley Switaj (8/12/2003)
Need to randomize records that have an autonumber ID, starting from 1 and on, like a vector for visual basic, it uses a collection, then picks out one randomly one at a time and places it in your unique random number array.

ADO Connection & Recordset Functions
by Coretys (8/4/2003)
These functions should help dealing with ADO Connections and Recordsets a bit easier. If you have any suggestions, then please tell me.

Validate Form and Disable Submit Button
by Marylou Marks (7/31/2003)
I have a form that validates info, but I also want to disable the submit button. The disable part worked before adding the form validating.

XML Converter for MySQL database
by Rustem (7/21/2003)
MySQL has no native facilities for dealing with XML. This does not mean we are left out of the XML evolution. RustemSoft XML Converter has MySQL to XML support.

better XOR Encryption with a readable string
by Sebastian L. (7/1/2003)
XOR En/Decryption that gives you a readable string (doesnt contain any special chars) that can be saved as preference or somewhat else, there are other routines that make a nice XOR but the encoded string is not usable because it contains wrongs chars that make your string unusable and undecodable

Display Date in dd/mm/yyyy format
by Vinod J Nair (5/24/2003)
For displaying the date in dd/mm/yyyy format from system date use the following code: <% dim dd,mm,yyyy,newtime dd=day(date) if len(dd)=1 then dd="0" & dd end if mm=month(date) if len(mm)=1 then mm="0" & mm end if yyyy=year(date) 'getting new date newdate = dd & "/" & mm "/" & yyyy response.write newdate response.end %>

A Simple Form Validation Script
by Syed Zulfi (5/19/2003)
A Simple Javascript function which validates the data in the html forms.

ViewState - Adding state to the stateless world !
by Rajiv. R (5/16/2003)
This describes elaborate the need and use of ViewStateMagic - a simple javascript add-on which uses the power of the client and saves the developer's time and effort in restoring form elements values across requests.

Create search engine friendly static pages from a dynamic page in ASP
by Jeff Anderson (4/28/2003)
This script shows you how to build a series of static pages for items in your database, to increase search engine friendliness.

Validate Date
by Kannadasan Ramiah (4/24/2003)
Validating Date entered in a text box, pure HTML page

ASP Shopping Cart
by CodeToad Plus! (4/17/2003)
Complete source code and demo database(Access, though SQL compatible) to an ASP database driven e-commerce shopping basket, taking the user through from product selection to checkout. Available to CodeToad Plus! Members

ASP.NET Bar Chart Graph
by Chris Goldfarb (4/8/2003)
Complete source code to generate a horizontal bar chart graph in ASP.NET

Concatenate strings in sql
by Jeff Anderson (4/8/2003)
A brief introduction to concatenating strings in an sql query (using SQL server or access databases).

Creating a watermark in Excel with VBA
by Kenneth Ives (3/30/2003)
Adding a watermark to an Excel spreadsheet using VBA.

Beginning Resource Files in Visual Basic
by Kenneth Ives (3/30/2003)
Have you ever wanted to use graphics, such as icons, bitmaps, cursors, and AVI files? How about sound or even message box text? This can be an enormous amount of overhead. These are all examples of more files to keep track of when you distribute an application, DLL, or OCX. Lets find out how resource files can help....

Visual Basic FileSystemObject Wrapper v2.5
by Kenneth Ives (3/29/2003)
DLL with several routines to make use of the Scripting.FileSystemObject. Be sure to make a reference to "Microsoft Scripting Runtime" (scrrun.dll) in your project.

Visual Basic CryptoAPI Demo Version 1.7
by Kenneth Ives (3/29/2003)
This is a detailed demonstration Microsoft's CryptoAPI. It shows you how to use passwords, hash algorithms, encrypting strings, and files.

Count Lines of Code in any Application or Module
by Kenneth Ives (3/29/2003)
This application will count the number of lines of code in Visual Basic projects as a whole or any selected modlue (.frm, .cls, .bas, .dsr, etc.). It generates a report breaking down lines into number of actual code lines, function declarations, blank lines, and comments. You can save and view these reports with this application as well.

Visual Basic Compact/Repair Access Database Utility
by Kenneth Ives (3/29/2003)
This utility will compact and repair the access database you select. It is actually more convenient to use this utility than do the same task with Access, because you don't have to save the database with a different name and then delete the old database when you are done: here, a temporary copy of the database is automatically created and deleted.

Visual Basic Read and Modify the Registry
by Kenneth Ives (3/29/2003)
Perform the four basic functions to the Windows registry. Add, change, delete, and query. Allows you to to read registry values, and modify both keys and values.

Using the XML Data Source Object
by Premshree Pillai (3/23/2003)
The XML Data Source Object (DSO) is a Microsoft ActiveX control built into Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+. Using this object, it is possible to extract content from an external XML file or XML data embedded in the HTML file into a HTML page. In this article, I'll explain how to include the XML DSO, extract content from an external XML file, extract XML data from XML data embedded in the webpage and manipulation using JavaScript

XML Ticker using XML Data Source Object (DSO)
by Premshree Pillai (3/23/2003)
This news ticker shows an example of data binding using the XML DSO which is an ActiveX control built into Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Adding a 'view source' line in javascript
by Jeff Anderson (3/23/2003)

Banner Ad Rotator
by Art Downey (3/20/2003)
An introduction to the Microsoft AdRotator component which ships with IIS and is the simplest way to implement banner ad rotation on your site.

Calculating Date Differences with DateDiff
by Art Downey (3/17/2003)
A summary of the various ways of calculating the difference between two dates.

Add or Subtract Hours in SQL or ASP using DateAdd
by Jeff Anderson (3/17/2003)
A beginners guide to using the SQL DATEADD function to add or subtract hours. Particularly useful when setting the time displayed on the ASP page to a different time zone (eg when the server is in the US, and the site is for a UK audience).

Creating an SQL Trigger
by Jeff Anderson (3/11/2003)
A beginners guide to creating a Trigger in SQL Server

Create an ASP SQL Stored Procedure
by Jeff Anderson (3/11/2003)
A beginners guide to setting up a stored procedure in SQL server and calling it from an ASP page.

Display XML in tree format using Javascript
by Premshree Pillai (3/8/2003)
In this article, I present a XML based client-side JavaScript that reads data from an external XML file, traverses the XML data and displays the same in a tree format. I'll use the XMLDOM ActiveX object built into Microsoft Internet Explorer for the same.

An ASP.NET thumbnail solution
by Philipos Sakellaropoulos (2/27/2003)
An article describing a set of ASP.NET tools for generation of thumbnails and thumbnail views.

Find Visitor Geographical location from IP address using ASP
by Per Soderlind (2/26/2003)
Where are your internet visitors coming from? Using simple ASP and the free GEOIP Database from Maxmind its quite easy to find out

ID Verification using JSP
by Nouman Rashid (2/26/2003)
One of the most important parts of web development is to make sure that only authorized users get access to certain areas of the site. This tutorial takes a look at various steps involved in making JSP pages which validate a user ID and password from a MS Access database which contains the username and password.

ASP SQL Display Queries in a Web Interface
by Jeff Anderson (2/19/2003)
Instant access for developers to an Access or SQL database via a simple web interface. The interface can be used to run any queries including building tables, updating data and so on.

Simple Mouse Trail using VB Script
by Jeff Anderson (2/10/2003)
With IE gaining in prominence every day, it's becoming acceptable to use VBScript in web pages. That makes some activities like the mouse trail a real cinch.

Reading Text Files on the Client Side with Active X and Javascript
by Premshree Pillai. (2/10/2003)
This article shows you how to read a text file from a client side active X object.

ASP Shopping Cart E-Commerce Script
by CodeToad Plus! (2/4/2003)
Complete source code and demo database(Access, though SQL compatible) to an ASP database driven e-commerce shopping basket, taking the user through from product selection to checkout.

ASP Forum Script
by CodeToad Plus! (2/4/2003)
A comprehensive forum script include email notification, special codes & multi-forum capabilities Includes complete source code and demo database(Access).

Javascript Onload Event
by Jeff Anderson (1/22/2003)
Sometimes you need to perform an action immediatley after the page has loaded. That's when the onLoad Event Handler comes in handy

Simple ASP.NET Email function
by Jeff Anderson (1/21/2003)
Standard code for sending emails from within an ASP.NET application

Creating a Dynamic Reports using ASP and Excel
by Jeff Anderson (1/9/2003)
A simple way to generate Excel reports from a database using Excel.

Manipulate Scrollbar Colors Using CSS and JavaScript
by Mike Thompson (1/6/2003)
The thing about the default color of scrollbars is that it's dull and ugly -- usually this color is gray. Wouldn't it be nice to change this color to better fit the overall theme of your site? Luckily, Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript can be used to do just that!

Javascript Scripted Password Entry Login
by Drew Bowman (1/6/2003)
Create a password protected page using this neat javascript prompt.

Maths Behind The Bezier Curve
by Thaha Hussain (10/12/2002)
Explains how we can draw a Bezier Curve! The maths behind a Cubic Bezier.Very simple. No API's used. Key words : paint brush, draw, curve, graphics, picture, technique, smooth curve

Generate your own Random Numbers
by Thaha Hussain (10/12/2002)
This simple program generates random numbers using the basic mathematical methods.

Odd Magic Square
by Thaha Hussain (10/12/2002)
Magic square is a set of numbers arranged in a particular order whose column-wise, row-wise and diagonal-wise sums are all the same. This program explains the mathematics behind an odd magic square. Magic, Fun, Maths, Interesting, Easy even for beginners and excellent!!

Rainbow Generator
by Thaha Hussain (10/12/2002)
This is an extremly simple Rainbow Generator. See how a rainbow is generated with the varaitions in the values of primary colors - Red, Green and Blue. No APIs used.

Open a File With Its Associated Application
by Thaha Hussain (10/12/2002)
This application demonstrates the ShellExecute API function, which can open a file with its associated application.

Analog Clock
by Thaha Hussain (10/12/2002)
This program demonstrates Thaha Hussain's Clock Work Formula to paint an Analogue Clock.

FTP using only pure ASP without using 3rd-party components
by Ben Meghreblian (10/11/2002)
A real treat for ASP developers - sample code to access the Windows Shell and use ftp commands from within a standard ASP page - no components needed.

Javascript Tic Tac Toe
by Premshree Pillai (10/10/2002)
Play against the computer and learn a crafty bit of Javascript with this simple game.

Ten Things to Do With IIS
by Matt J. Foley (10/9/2002)
Useful guide to IIS management from an ex-Apache admin.

Java Speech Synthesizer
by David Barron (10/7/2002)
Small and simple. Type a sentence and press enter and your computer will speek to you.

simple Java Development Environment
by David Barron (10/7/2002)
Program in JAVA with ease, using this development environment, or adapt it to your own needs.

Java MP3 Player
by David Barron (10/7/2002)
A fully functioning MP3 Player with complete source code available for download

Amazon Lite Web Service
by (9/12/2002)
A complete XML web service allowing you to offer complete Amazon searches and disaply results on your site. A fantastic introduction to XML Web Services.

XML and JavaScript Tutorial
by Premshree Pillai (9/3/2002)
This tutorial shows how we can use XML and client side JavaScript. We will see how we can display the contents of a XML file using JavaScript, accessing child elements, manipulating elements etc.

DHTML Zoom In and Out Script
by Premshree Pillai (8/28/2002)
Using zoOom, you can zoom in and zoom out any image that is specified in the code.

DHTML News Bar
by Premshree Pillai (8/28/2002)
This is the News Bar script which displays a number of messages and rotates them using DHTML.

DHTML Javascript Ticker
by Premshree Pillai (8/28/2002)
This is a JavaScript Ticker which ticks a number of messages like the one shown above. It also has a useful 'Show All' feature.

DHTML Button Ticker
by Premshree Pillai (8/28/2002)
This is a Cross Browser Javascript Button Ticker that ticks a number of messages on a button and allows the user to click the link and navigate to the page.

DHTML Image Zoom Out
by Premshree Pillai (8/28/2002)
Click on the image and it zooms out and disappears. This script could be a way to handle advertising or other images.

DHTML Type Writer Effect
by Premshree Pillai (8/28/2002)
Classic DHTML script that creates text onscreen as if it were being type-written.

DHTML Link Hint Scroller 2.0
by Premshree Pillai (8/28/2002)
Scrolls a text hint (or alt text) when the user hovers over a link.

DHTML Horizontal Scroller
by Premshree Pillai (8/28/2002)
Scroll text horizontally when the user hovers over a link.

DHTML Diagonal Scroller
by Premshree Pillai (8/28/2002)
Scroll text diagonally when the user hovers over a link.

DHTML BlinkingText
by Premshree Pillai (8/28/2002)
This script is a simple script that blinks a text message on or off. This version supports IE, Netscape 4.x and Netscape 6.x.

DHTML Dancing Text
by Premshree Pillai (8/28/2002)
This is a JavaScript that creates a dancing effect.

Complete ASP Chat Application
by Brian Gillham (8/27/2002)
A bonus for codetoad regulars - this is a chat application implemented entirely in ASP and is ready to run immediately.

Stop Forms from Flickering while updating Controls
by Brian Gillham (8/26/2002)
Stop Forms from Flickering while updating Controls

Secure Encryption
by Brian Gillham (8/26/2002)
This class will securely encode and decode any and all words passed to it. Please review the read me file for information about its usage

Retrieve ONLY the requested part of a File Name
by Brian Gillham (8/26/2002)
Function to return the Name, Extension , Name and Extension or Path from a fully qualified path.

Remove all Occurrences of a Character in a String
by Brian Gillham (8/26/2002)
Remove all Occurrences of a Character in a String

Generate License Keys (such as CD keys on Microsoft software)
by Brian Gillham (8/26/2002)
This class allows you to generate license keys, such as the CD keys on the case of most Microsoft software

Generate an Array of Unique Random Numbers
by Brian Gillham (8/26/2002)
This function will generate an ARRAY of TRULY random numbers.

Extract Text from Within Tags
by Brian Gillham (8/26/2002)
This is a function which will extract text within a string given a start and end tag

Determine if the app is running in the IDE
by Brian Gillham (8/26/2002)
Often a developer needs to know if the app is running from the IDE. Here is a VERY simple way of determining that.

Determine if a Value Exists in an Array without Looping
by Brian Gillham (8/26/2002)
This function is very handy for checking whether a value exists in an Array.

Determine if a Given Year is a Leap Year
by Brian Gillham (8/26/2002)
A short script to determine if a Given Year is a Leap Year

Change Cursor to Hour Glass
by Brian Gillham (8/26/2002)
A simple script to change the cursor to an hour glass.

Convert Http strings into Clickable links
by Brian Gillham (8/24/2002)
This function takes a string as input and links any "http" it finds so that they are then clickable in a browser.

Automate Outlook Via ADO
by Brian Gillham (8/24/2002)
Access any of the folders of Outlook from within your Visual Basic project

Various Active X controls -- Font picker, Splitter, Hyperlink, and More
by Brian Gillham (8/24/2002)
Various Active X controls, including font picker, Enhanced File Dialog, Splitter, and HyperLink. Includes a sample project. Recently upgraded to include a tray icon control.

SystemInfo Class and SystemInfo.dll
by Brian Gillham (8/24/2002)
The SystemInfo class encapsulates a variety of API calls that provide system information -- such as Free Memory, Free Hard Disk Space, and Screen Resolution --into Visual Basic properties and functions

Data Shaping and And Data Object Information Using ADODB and ADOX
by Brian Gillham (8/24/2002)
his class allows you to obtain information about a database using ADOX, Microsoft's new extensions to ADO that allow you to set and read information about database objects such as tables, fields, and indexes.

Complete ASP Data Driven Web Site
by Brian Gillham (8/24/2002)
This is a COMPLETE, professionally developed ASP data driven web site, using the full range of Microsoft Internet and Database Development features.

All Purpose Utilities Classes
by Brian Gillham (8/24/2002)
This includes a set of classes and functions in a module with many utilities you likely would use on a regular basis, including registry, locale, and system classes; string and date handling functions; and lots more

ADO Utilities Class Version 2.0
by Brian Gillham (8/23/2002)
This class encapsulates many routine tasks in ADO programming, which reduces the tedium and increases the reusability of your code.

DigitBox OCX
by Greg DeBacker (8/23/2002)
DigitBox displays Digits that look like the LED displays of yore. Digits come in 3 colors, 2 sizes, 4 formats, left and right justify, along with an error display. Numbers can be positive or negative.

VB Code Spell Checker
by Greg DeBacker (8/23/2002)
This is a must have for every programmer. This sample project will spell check every Caption, Text, and List property in your project, along with all string variables and all MsgBox calls. It will also list information about the Project itself

DHTML Scrolling Image
by Premshree Pillai (8/19/2002)
Using this script the user can scroll an image left or right by clicking a buttong

DHTML Fading Slide Show
by Premshree Pillai (8/19/2002)
This JavaScript creates a slide-show effect displaying different contents dynamically. The content fades in while being displayed

Swear Word Filter
by Premshree Pillai (8/16/2002)
This JavaScript is a "Word Filter". It is a type of form validator. When the user submits some text, the validator will check the text for words that has to be filtered.

Javascript Unique Random Number Generator
by Premshree Pillai (8/6/2002)
This JavaScript picks up a number of unique random elements from an array.

XML Ticker
by Premshree Pillai (8/6/2002)
This is an XML based JavaScript Ticker that can tick any number of messages. The ticker works with IE only. The ticker reads it's contents, i.e the ticker style, text to be displayed, the link for that particular message from a XML file.

Interactive Polling Script
by Corsair (8/4/2002)
This is a script that does a simple voting poll and displays the results in a bar chart.

Email validation using Regular Expression
by Jeff Anderson (8/3/2002)
Using regular expression syntax is an exellent way to thoroughly validate an email. It's possible in ASP.

Fully Featured Print Preview DLL
by Leontti A. Ramos M (8/2/2002)
A production quality component brings print preview capabilities without 3rd-party controls. Features font rotation, zoom ratios, in place host, exporting to html, cvs and text, printed page range smart selector

Database Access Classes via ODBC
by Leontti A. Ramos M (8/2/2002)
This is a set of classes to access databases via ODBC using the API in VB. Useful for small projects where the Data Access Components would be too heavy to carry with the project.

Fading Command Button
by by Leontti A. Ramos M. (8/2/2002)
The purpose of this demos is to show an implementation of fading effect for controls.

Set Transparency Level of Windows Taskbar (Windows 2000)
by Leontti A. Ramos M. (8/2/2002)

Visual Studio Style Tabs Control
by Leontti A. Ramos M. (8/2/2002)
This is a lightweight control (just 84kb compiled) that adds Visual Studio style tabs to your projects. With a small footprint, this dll is a good start point to enhance your app user interface.

ASP Tree Calendar
by Glen (7/23/2002)
A tree-style calender allowing the user to easily select any day of the year.

XSLT Templates
by Jeni Tennison (7/15/2002)
Complete sample chapter on XSLT Templates from Wrox Press's 'Beginning XSLT'

ASP Cool Chart
by Glen (7/13/2002)
This script allows you to create customisable bar charts in an instant using pure ASP code.

The asp:checkbox and asp:checkboxlist control
by David Sussman, et al (7/8/2002)
Checkboxes are similar to radio buttons, and in HTML, they were used to allow multiple choices from a group of buttons.

The asp:radiobutton and asp:radiobuttonlist control
by David Sussman, et al (7/8/2002)
In HTML, radio buttons are used when we need to make multiple sets of choices available, but we want the user to select only one of them.

The asp:listbox control
by David Sussman, et al (7/8/2002)
The next HTML server control that we'll look at, <asp:listbox>, is very much related to <asp:dropdownlist>.

The asp:textbox control
by David Sussman, et al (7/8/2002)
This server control is ASP.NET's version of the HTML textbox form control. In fact, it doubles up and also provides the functionality of the HTML <textarea> form control.

The asp:dropdownlist control
by David Sussman, et al (7/8/2002)
The <asp:dropdownlist> control is one of the best controls for demonstrating the usefulness of having a form control processed on the server side.

Control Attributes
by David Sussman, et al (7/8/2002)
How do we get hold of the <asp:label> control attributes within our ASP.NET code? Well, we can do this by adding some ASP.NET code at the head of the HTML, as in the following example

How the form Tag Works in ASP.NET
by David Sussman, et al (7/8/2002)
ASP.NET has a set of form controls that can be used just like their HTML form control equivalents, the main difference being that they are actually constructed dynamically on the server and then sent out.

Forms and HTML Server Controls
by David Sussman, et al (7/8/2002)
Complete Sample chapter from 'Beginning ASP.Net with C#. The chapter introduces the use of web form controls in ASP.NET

What is ASP.NET?
by Brady Gaster, et al (7/5/2002)
Complete Sample Chapter from 'Fast Track ASP.NET'

Create an SQL ODBC DSN (Data Source Name) in a VB Program
by Duncan James (6/30/2002)
This source code allows you to set up a Data Source Name for SQL Server from within your VB project.

2 Ways To Implement Session Tracking
by Kiran Pai (6/25/2002)
This article explains how to implement session tracking using two of the simplest & oldest methods available to programmers.

Displaying a Countdown using Javascript
by (6/25/2002)
Using graphics and javascript to countdown from 5 to 1

Multiple submit buttons on a single form
by Kiran Pai (6/25/2002)
This script shows you how to submit the contents of a form to different programs depending on which Submit button you press. Additionally it also shows how to call two different functions when you press the Submit button.

Using Cookies in ASP.NET
by Robin Smith (6/25/2002)
This tutorial takes you through the basics of using cookies in ASP.NET

HTTP Browser Capabilities with ASP.NET
by Robin Smith (6/25/2002)
Use the httpbrowser object to read the capabilities of the user's browser

A Single click for checking-unchecking multiple check boxes
by Kiran Pai (6/3/2002)
This script allows the user to check all the checkboxes in a form at once.

SQL In Simple English - Part II
by Kiran Pai (6/3/2002)
In his second article on SQL for beginners, Kiran Pai takes you through the use of joins.

SQL In Simple English - Part I
by Kiran Pai (6/3/2002)
An introduction to the main concepts of SQL

Creating An XML Newsfeed
by Jeff Anderson (5/23/2002)
A full explanation of how to take an XML newsfeed from moreover, amazon affiliates, google or any of the other current feed providers, and turn it into a display page using a little ASP.

Interactive Conditional Menus
by Jeff Anderson (5/3/2002)
Interactive, conditional Javascript menus. The user makes choices in one select menu which then populates the choices in the second menu.

Pre Tag
by Jeff Anderson (4/26/2002)
No need to reformat text files with line breaks and tabs if you use the pre tag

Javascript Multiple Rollovers From One Link
by Jeff Anderson (4/10/2002)
Make any number of images rollover from a single link with this simple addition to the standard rollover script. Known in the trade as Disjointed Rollovers.

Displaying the Date in the Status Bar
by Jeff Anderson (3/31/2002)
A script to display today's date in the status bar of the browser

Echoing Cursor Trail
by Jeff Anderson (3/31/2002)
This mouse trail creates an 'echo' of the mouse pointer as you move around the screen.

How to Create and Use a Custom Cursor in Visual Basic
by Jeff Anderson (3/31/2002)
Create a dynamic-link library (DLL) containing mouse cursors that can be used in a Microsoft Visual Basic application.

Javascript onUnload Event Handler
by Jeff Anderson (3/30/2002)
The onUnload Event Handler allows you to perform an action as the user leaves the page.

Javascript onLoad Event Handler
by Jeff Anderson (3/30/2002)
Sometimes you need to perform an action immediatley after the page has loaded. That's when the onLoad Event Handler comes in handy.

Making a Link out of a Standard Button
by Jeff Anderson (3/30/2002)
You may have wondered how to make a standard browser button such as the 'Submit' button into a link. Here we show you how.

Confirming a Delete using Javascript Confirm
by Jeff Anderson (3/29/2002)
If you have a page which deletes records from a database, or indeed have any kind of link that you want the user to be doubly certain that they 'mean what they click', using the Javascript confirm event handler is a simple and effective way to get the job done.

Changing the background color onMouseOver
by Jeff Anderson (3/29/2002)
This rather neat trick lets you change the background color when the user hovers over a link - certainly grabs the attention!

Displaying Text in the Status Bar
by Jeff Anderson (3/29/2002)
The status bar is the space immediately below the browser display and you can configure it to display text when you hover over a link

Removing single quotes for SQL statements
by Jeff Anderson (3/28/2002)
Explains how to overcome the database problem with single quotes when writing SQL statements

ASP Replacing single quotes
by Jeff Anderson (3/28/2002)
Explains how to overcome the database problem with single quotes when writing SQL statements

Using ASCII characters in ASP.
by Jeff Anderson (3/28/2002)
How to produce ASCII characters in ASP code. Useful for replacing commas, writing quotes and other functions.

ASCII characters and their codes
by Jeff Anderson (3/28/2002)
A full list of all the ASCII characters.

Creating Folders with the File System Object
by Jeff Anderson (3/28/2002)
Using the FileSystemObject you can create new folders on the Web server's file system.

Parent _self _blank and _top Frame Target Specifications
by Jeff Anderson (3/25/2002)
How to specify frames and how to break out of them using standard link tags.

Creating Navigation with Frames
by Jeff Anderson (3/25/2002)
The most popular use of frames is to allow a static navigation to stay on one part of the screen (in one frame) while the content changes in another.

Using Javascript to Pre-load Images
by Jeff Anderson (3/24/2002)
Using Javascript to Pre-load Images doesn't speed up the load time of the page of course, but it can mean avoiding the ugly site of your page before it's fully dressed and ready to present itself to the world.

Pre-loading Images
by Jeff Anderson (3/24/2002)
Sometimes it's important to load in the images to a page before the main body of the page loads, so that they are visible immediately with the rest of the content.

Changing the standard cursors with DHTML and CSS
by Jeff Anderson (3/24/2002)
The ability to alter the type of cursor has been around since IE 4 and now features in Netscape 6 too.

Image Rollovers
by Jeff Anderson (3/23/2002)
A bit of javascript code to swap two different images on the page. You often see this on sites to display a rollover on the navigation buttons

JSP Easy Cookies Script
by Jeff Anderson (3/18/2002)
Need a simple script to introduce to the technique of setting and reading a cookie in JSP? Read on.

Pulling Data from Other Web pages with XMLHTTP
by Jeff Anderson (3/16/2002)
Using the little known (as yet) XMLHTTP object, part of the XML DOM Model, you can pull data from other web pages for manipulation or your own purposes.

DHTML Stylish Form Buttons
by Jeff Anderson (3/15/2002)
Give your forms some life by spicing up those dull grey `submit` buttons and customising their color!

DHTML Page Break for Printing
by Jeff Anderson (3/15/2002)
Configure your page so that it still looks good when you print it out, by using javascript/dhtml page break functionality.

Javascript Pop Up Window
by Jeff Anderson (3/14/2002)
Create a customisable pop up window when a user clicks the link.

HTML Hspace and Vspace Image Borders
by Jeff Anderson (3/14/2002)
A lesser known feature in HTML is the ability to add a blank border around images both horizontally and vertically.

Mouse Trail with Text
by Jeff Anderson (3/13/2002)
A Classic Mouse Trail Script, with configurable text, rather than images. We chose `I love you` for our text - what will you chose?

Tell A Friend Script
by Jeff Anderson (3/12/2002)
Full source code for a tell-a-friend application using ASP and CDONTS.

Javascript - Enable and Disable form elements
by Jeff Anderson (3/6/2002)
This is a relatively little known and under-used feature of javascript which can be very useful in guiding a user through a form. Using the disabled tag, you can switch on and off elements in a form.

ASP Server Side Include Files
by Jeff Anderson (3/1/2002)
Include files are one of the most powerful features of ASP. Learn how to use them in this tutorial.

Opening a Database Connection in ASP
by Jeff Anderson (3/1/2002)
The best way to connect to a database from an ASP page is to use a DSN or data source name. This article explains how to do it.

Count Active Users Script
by Jeff Anderson (2/28/2002)
This ASP script allows you to count the number of users currently active on your site.

ASP Format Date and Time Script
by Jeff Anderson (2/27/2002)
An ASP script showing the variety of date and time formats possible using the FormatDateTime Function.

ASP Email script using CDONTS
by Jeff Anderson (2/27/2002)
An ASP script to send emails from the web page using CDONTS component.

JavaScript Field Is Empty Form Validation
by Jeff Anderson (2/26/2002)
This javascript function allows you to check whether a form field has been completed or not.

Check Email Validation Function
by Jeff Anderson (2/26/2002)
A javascript validation function to check whether the user has entered a valid email address in a form.

Form Validation Function
by Jeff Anderson (2/26/2002)
A javascript validation function that you can use to validate all types of forms.

Check IsNumeric Function
by Jeff Anderson (2/26/2002)
A javascript validation function to check whether the details entered by a user are numeric.

Image Rollovers
by Jeff Anderson (1/24/2002)
A bit of code to swap to different images on the page. You often see this on sites to display a rollover on the navigation buttons.

Pre-Loading Images
by Jeff Anderson (1/24/2002)
Learn how to load an image before it is needed so that it appears lightning-fast.

Image Submit Button
by Jeff Anderson (1/24/2002)
You can keep your forms from slipping into mundanity by substituting the default gray submit button to a colourful graphic of your choosing.

In-Line Frames (IFrames)
by Jeff Anderson (1/24/2002)
Inline frames or IFrames are the ones which appear in the midst of a standard page, but actually reference a totally separate url.

Advanced Frames
by Jeff Anderson (1/24/2002)
So you`ve used simple frame navigation. What else can you do with them? There are actually quite a list of attributes to the FRAMESET and FRAME tags, which help you control your layout with things like spacing margins and color.

Pre-loading Images
by Jeff Anderson (10/19/2001)
Set up your pages so that the images are in the cache waiting to be used rather than downloading each image as you need it.

Advanced Frames
by Jeff Anderson (10/19/2001)
This covers advanced commands that allow you to manipulate the size, bars, and scrolls on your frames page.

Tell a Friend Script
by Jeff Anderson (10/15/2001)
This is an ASP Script simply to be used on your pages to allow users to email an article or page they've seen on your site. This Script also use JavaScript to validate the form.

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